Lozier Environmental Consulting

Lozier Environmental Consulting, Inc.
2011 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609


Our Services

    • Pre-demolition/renovation asbestos survey

    • OSHA asbestos survey

    • OSHA Asbestos Tagging

    • Concrete Core Sampling for Asbestos

    • Pre- and Post-Clean HVAC Sampling

    • Sampling and analysis for fire-damage, soot, and particulates

    • Variance development

    • Specification and bid development with CAD drawings

    • Abatement management

    • Asbestos Operations and Management Plan

    • Asbestos air/project monitoring for asbestos abatement projects

    • Asbestos personal air monitoring for OSHA compliant Worker Exposure Assessments

    • Lead, metals, hexavalent chromium, welding fume, and silica dust/respirable dust air monitoring for OSHA compliant and Worker Exposure Assessments

    • Indoor air quality for Commercial and Industrial settings; Volatile organic compounds (VOC), metals, nuisance dust, respirable dust, carbon black

    • Non-viable and viable air-borne fungal amplifiers

    • Viable air-borne bacteria

    • Mold Investigation and sampling

    • Assessment/Protocol Report

    • Post-Remediation inspection and sampling

      • Total Coliform

      • E. coli

      • Yeast and Mold

      • Heterotropic Plate Count

      • Listeria

      • Percent Moisture

      • Salmonella

      • Staphylococci

      • New York State ELAP Laboratory Certifications for the Analysis of Asbestos Fibers in Air and Bulk Samples

      • New York State ELAP Laboratory Operations for the Analysis of Potable/Non-Potable Water

      • Microbiology Laboratory for the Analysis of Fungi and Food