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Guide to Environmental Microbiology at Lozier - Water and Food Analysis

Water Analysis Rochester NY

Lozier is certified by the New York State Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Approval Program for the analysis of potable and non-potable waters. Analyses performed in house Include: total coliform bacteria, heterotrophic plate count, fecal coliform, Legionella, and E. coli enumeration. Qualitative and quantitative methods are available for all analyses. We accept chemical analyses including (but not limited to) lead, nitrate/nitrite, arsenic, sodium, manganese, hardness, alkalinity, pH, etc.

Food Analysis Rochester NY

Lozier Environmental Consulting, Inc. provides food and environmental swab analysis for companies with QA/QC monitoring programs. Food analysis parameters include Aerobic Plate Count, Total Coliform, E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococci, Yeast, and Mold. Methodology for food analysis is referenced from the Food and Drug Administration Bacteriological Analytical Manual (FDA BAM). Lozier Environmental is now ISO 17025 CERTIFIED as of June 2022.

ANAB accreditation

Mold Analysis

Lozier's expert mycologists' can provide mold identification from the following media:

See our documents section for sampling instructions!