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Asbestos Air & Project Monitoring Services Rochester NY

Air Monitoring

Lozier Environmental Consulting, Inc. provides New York State Department of Labor certified Asbestos Abatement Air Monitors to perform air sampling during abatement projects. Their objective is to provide the client with exposure levels of asbestos around and within containment by measuring the fiber content of a known volume of air collected during a specific period (or work period) of time. These measurements include background, work area prep, work in progress and final clearance air sampling that are analyzed by phase contrast microscopy (PCM) and, when required, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) methodologies. Sampling procedures and analysis are in compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws, rules and regulations.

Project Monitoring

The services of a New York State Department of Labor certified Asbestos Abatement Project Monitor may also be retained to oversee the scope, timing, phasing and/or remediation methods to be utilized on any asbestos project. The Project Monitor acts on behalf of the building owner to ensure the abatement contractor's compliance to regulations as decreed in New York State Code Rule 56 and any applicable variances. Experienced Project Monitors are also available for final inspections of the abatement contractor's completed work as directed in the recently revised Code Rule 56. The Project Monitor will examine the abated area for thoroughness of the removal and cleanliness of the work area before proceeding with final air clearance sampling.