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Asbestos Building Inspection Services Rochester NY

Lozier Environmental Consulting, Inc. provides New York State Department of Labor certified inspectors to conduct asbestos surveys in accordance to EPA and New York State Code Rule 56 procedures and guidelines. The objective is to identify, sample, and quantify asbestos containing materials (ACM) for pre-demolition, pre-renovation, or OSHA-compliance purposes.

Inspectors select materials for inclusion in their report through their review of the buildings' history, interviews with the buildings' occupants, their expertise and through an understanding of the many uses of asbestos.

Pre-Demolition - Pre-Renovation Asbestos Surveys

Aggressive/destructive bulk sampling is performed to investigate and quantify asbestos materials so as to develop a comprehensive survey report. Lozier Environmental Consulting, Inc. provides a user friendly format for pre-demolition/renovation asbestos surveys which can be easily used during contractor walk through proceedings as the Scope of Work. The report layout includes a summation of sampling protocol and analysis methods, a summation of sampling conditions and restrictions at the time of inspection, an inclusive list of all suspect materials sampled throughout the building and classified by use, a space by space breakdown of all asbestos materials described by their location, description and square or linear footage as found in each designated space, interior and exterior drawings designate the approximate sampling location of materials analyzed and laboratory analytical results by PLM (polarized light microscopy) and TEM (transmission electron microscopy) methods.

OSHA Compliant Asbestos Surveys:

The purpose of an OSHA Space by Space survey is to allow the Client to reference any room in a building to the type and amount of ACM (asbestos containing materials) or PACM (presumed asbestos containing materials) present. This report will enable the Client to have an inventory of all ACM/PACM, its condition and potential for disturbance throughout a building. This survey allows the Client to alert employees and contractors to locations of asbestos materials previous to repairs, renovations, installations, or in emergencies. In addition to the standard survey reporting format, Lozier can provide supplementary drawings which designate the different asbestos containing materials present or presumed in each space throughout the building.

Asbestos surveys may be tailored to the Client's needs as requested. Lozier Environmental Consulting, Inc. can provide the following: