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Asbestos Abatement Design Services Rochester NY

Lozier Environmental Consulting, Inc. provides New York State Department of Labor-certified Asbestos Abatement Designers to develop specifications, bid documents, and drawings for asbestos abatement projects. Their objective is to provide the client with the “instruction package” and services necessary for a compliant asbestos abatement project. Specifications are developed in full compliance with all Federal, State, and local rules and regulations.

Site Investigation

Review of existing documents, surveys, and drawings; field inspections; interviews. Additional sampling may be required to include in the comprehensive inventory of asbestos containing materials.

Specification Development

The Project Specification includes standard documents, general conditions and requirements, form of bid, project requirements, and drawings.

Design Development

Determine abatement and management methods, construction methods, exposure potential, and regulatory conformance.

Variance Development

Lozier will provide an experienced certified asbestos designer to develop a variance as deemed necessary for relief from various NYS Code 56 items.

Drawing Development

Drawings are provided for all projects and include floor plans of sufficient detail to indicate all locations where abatement is required. Drawings reflect existing conditions as verified in the field, and the extent of all removals, modifications and new work.

Asbestos Project Management Services

Provided for the owner as requested: Asbestos abatement cost estimates, scheduling; including phasing through construction operations, pre-bid and pre-construction walk through with contractors, bid evaluation, attendance at pre-construction and construction in progress meetings.